5 Smart Security Tools to Make Your Home Safer and Smarter

Your home, where you can feel happy, loved, and protected, is a paradise on earth.
It’s the place where you make memories, where your loved ones live, and where you feel the most comfortable in your skin.
However, all these cheerful feelings can vanish in a moment if someone, with malicious intent, breaks into your house.
He can damage your property, steal your earnings, and in the worst-case scenario, hurt your loved ones.
In a few moments, your paradise might turn into a living hell and your happiness into a nightmare.
Furthermore, if you are living in a shady area, the safety of your house will always be on your mind!

In the United States alone, there are 4,500 home burglaries per day. Out of which, every one-fourth of the victims who resist the burglar become the target of a violent crime.

Nevertheless, most of these cases occur with unprotected houses.
So, in order to keep your paradise protected, you should keep an eye out on it.

Today, we will discuss the tools that not only give your house the best protection but are also able to automate the process, in case you are away. So, without further ado, let’s dig right into our topic!

What is a smart security tool?

A smart or modern security tool is a product which:

  • Protects your house
  • Is able to notify you over a smartphone or laptop
  • Can be controlled with the aforementioned devices
  • Can be accessed when you are away from your home

Now, as we have a basic idea of our smart security tools, let’s briefly discuss how they can make your house safer!

Tool no 1: Smart Locks

The problem with old-style locks is that anyone can open them with decent lock-picking skills.
A smart lock, on the other hand, is impenetrable to such attacks as it lacks the traditional keyhole.
Furthermore, a smart lock is connected to your cellphone and notifies you instantly if someone attempts to enter your house.

Another advantage of installing a smart door lock is that you don’t have to worry about carrying or losing your keys. The power of locking and unlocking it is literally at your fingertips, as it only requires a touch of your phone’s screen.

You don’t need to dig through the internet to find the most suitable option for you, simply head over to our reviews on the Best Smart Locks of 2020.

Tool no 2: Video Doorbell Cameras

If you live in an area with a history of unwanted guests, this is a must-have item to put in your arsenal.

These doorbells include:

  • A standard doorbell, which rings when someone pushes the button
  • A video camera, which helps you identify the person
  • A mic and a speaker, through which you can talk to the person
  • A smartphone app

Additionally, these doorbells can work together with your smart locks and other devices.
So, at home or away, you are always able to greet your welcome or unwelcome visitors.

Tool no 3: Window Sensors and Glass Break Sensors

Statistics suggest that 23% of the burglars enter through a window.
After installing a window sensor and glass break sensor, you block the intruders from almost all the possible entry points of your house.
If someone tries to open the windows, these sensors will either ring a loud alarm or swiftly alert you on your smartphone.
However, keep in mind that a window sensor only detects the opening, closing, or moving of a window.
So, if someone breaks the glass without moving the window, he will be able to enter the house undetectable.
To cope up with this problem, you can either install a glass-break sensor or go for motion detectors which we’ll cover in the next section.

Tool no 4: Smoke and Motion detectors

You might be wondering why we put a smoke detector in a burglary related article? Well, there have been unfortunate cases where the enemies invaded the house merely to burn it. So, the early detection of both a fire and an intruder is vital for your protection. You would not want to get fire alerts while the flames are already reaching the roof.

A smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector notifies you when the fire is just starting, so you have enough time to react upon the situation. Similarly, if an intruder manages to break into your house, the smart motion sensor can wake you up with an alarm or send you a silent signal over your smartphone.

Receiving a silent notification can help you call a nearby police station without alerting the trespasser.

Tool no 5: Cameras

Yes, cameras! According to statistics, even a non-functioning camera installed around your house drastically lowers the chances of burglaries. However, we recommend you to install a working camera outside your house for many reasons.

  • It captures anyone who enters your house.
  • It assists the law-enforcement forces in capturing thieves.
  • Burglars avoid a house with a camera.

The cameras, nowadays, also come with motion sensors and can change their focus or direction based on nearby movements.
Lastly, having a camera recording can help the authorities in the identification of the culprit.

Bonus tool: DIY Home Security System

A DIY home security system is a setup that includes all of the mentioned smart tools in an integrated manner.
This system is easy to install, affordable and comes with a complete package of security gadgets.
Depending upon the company, your DIY home security hub may include:

  • A smart lock
  • A motion detector
  • A contact detector for your windows
  • A smoke or heat detector
  • A doorbell camera
  • A control panel

In short, these systems contain a well-synchronized set of security gadgets that you can control with the help of your cellphones.
All of this, in combination, takes the process of security automation to a whole new level!

In conclusion, everyone wants to protect what is precious to them. However, not all of us are wealthy enough to hire guards or 24/7 hour home surveillance agencies. Also, the commonly used security locks are outdated and easily penetrable.

The smart security tools, on the other hand, give you the full-proof protection with a much lesser price.
Moreover, as long as you have your smartphone, you will be able to control who enters your house even if you are on the other side of the earth.
With a fulltime access, these tools give you the peace of mind that the safety of your house is in the right hands- your hands!