Home Security Automation: 11 Benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell Camera

Our homes are our sanctuaries; a place where we can go for relaxation and security.

It is the place where we make lifelong memories with our loved ones and feel the most comfortable being our true selves.

However, this comfort and security might shatter into pieces if a burglar breaks into the house.

The burglar does not only steals our wealth but also our sense of mental wellbeing and security.

We feel vulnerable, disrespected, and paranoid, even months, after the incident.

Furthermore, once an armed burglar invades your house, there is only a little you can do to defend yourself.

So, the better way to protect ourselves from these predators is to improve the security of our houses in advance.

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, we have been able to create dependable security tools such as smart locks, motions sensors, and video doorbell cameras!

The video doorbell camera is a relatively new security tool compared to the other security products, so people initially don’t find them that useful in preventing robberies.

However, today we will prove that these gadgets are not only efficient for home security but also have some other added benefits.

So without further delay, let’s discuss the benefits of installing a doorbell camera.

Basics of a video doorbell

A modern video doorbell camera consists of;

  • An HD camera
  • A two-way audio communication system
  • A motion sensor
  • A software application

Reasons to Install a Video Doorbell Camera

Visual Restraint to the Burglar

Being recorded is the last thing a burglar would want while committing a robbery.

So, most of the burglars choose their target houses carefully and avoid the well-protected ones.

By having a video doorbell camera installed at your door, you demotivate the burglar to break into your house.

Identification of the Criminal

The modern video bells offer the facilities of 24 hours live surveillance or automated video recording feature.

This allows law enforcement agencies to identify the criminal and take him/her into custody.

Valuable Video Evidence

After catching the criminal and putting him/her in custody, the next step is to present the case in front of the court.

In most cases, the evidence recorded by the doorbell camera is enough to prove him/her guilty without much hassle.

Unless he is James Bond, there aren’t many chances of him getting away with this crime easily!

Motion Sensors

Some criminals are smart enough to judge the visual field of your camera and find a blind spot.

However, these tools come with motion-sensing technology, which can detect a visitor even if s/he tries to avoid the camera.

This way, these cameras make sure that nobody can enter your house without being detected.

Night Vision

These cameras capture infra-red energy and convert it into a thermal image with the help of electrical signals.

Since this process does not require the presence of visible light, this camera can capture footage even at the darkest hours of the night.

Increase Value of The House

Beauty, safety, and the neighbourhood are some of the fundamental things that most people look for while buying a house.

A place that offers better security is worth more than the one which does not.

So, by installing a video doorbell, you not only improve the security of your house but also boost its attraction for potential buyers.

Lower Insurance Bill

Insurance prices reflect the likelihood of the claims. The more claims an insurance company expects from an area, the higher the costs will be.

However, if you have a well-protected house, you are less likely to get robbed and make a claim.

Consequently, this helps insurance companies and lowers their burden.

In return, these companies reward you back by lowering your insurance bills.


These doorbells have the features of two-way audio communication and can connect with your smart devices.

These features help you talk to your visitors without opening the door.

For workaholics, busy moms, and introverts, this might be one of the best features that these doorbells can provide.

Moreover, this also promotes social distancing and can help you prevent the spread of covid-19.

Prevents criminals to knock their way in

Unfortunately, there have been cases where the criminals got inside the houses by pretending to be a neighbor, a family friend, or a needy person.

However, as a smart doorbell camera lets you talk to your visitors without opening the door, this adds an extra layer of security.

You can judge a person by his attire and decide whether to let him in, keep him out, or call the police for your protection.

Can Work With Your Smart Lock

If you are one of the brainy ones who love to automate their house, modern doorbell cameras might be on your list already.

The combination of smart locks with these doorbells automates the security of your house to the next level.

With one touch of your smartphone, you can talk with your visitors and open or close the door without physically being present there.

Track Your Visitors and Children

Thanks to the recording feature of these smart doorbells, you know who enters and leaves your house at what time.

This helps you in tracking the activities of the people around you, especially your kids.

Furthermore, a combination of these doorbells with the smart locks gives you better analysis and control.

Ultimately, you can track and limit your kids from going outside the house at an undesirable time of the day.

In conclusion, whether you want to improve the security of your house or increase its value, having a doorbell camera can do wonders.

It scares off the burglars, tracks your visitors, and helps you speak with them without opening the door.

Combined with other automated security tools like smart locks or smoke sensors, these doorbells offer you a full proof security package.

For buying details, check out our reviews on the best video doorbell cameras of 2020 and don’t wait to add one in your home security arsenal!