Month: October 2020

Home Security Automation: 11 Benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell Camera

Home Security Automation

Our homes are our sanctuaries; a place where we can go for relaxation and security. It is the place where we make lifelong memories with our loved ones and feel the most comfortable being our true selves. However, this comfort and security might shatter into pieces if a burglar breaks into the house. The burglar does not only steals our wealth but also our sense of mental wellbeing and security. We feel vulnerable, disrespected, and paranoid, even months, after the incident. Furthermore, once an armed burglar invades your house, there is only a little you can do to defend yourself. …

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Securing Your House – 8 Reasons to Install A Smart Lock

Securing Your House - 8 Reasons to Install A Smart Lock

Having a burglary in your house is a devastating experience that nobody should go through. According to the FBI, around 7-14 million burglaries take place each year in the USA, with a collective loss of more than $3.4 billion. While most of these break-ins take place in unprotected houses, the burglary rate of protected houses is exceedingly high as well. The problem with these protected houses is that they use traditional locks for their protection, which are easily penetrable with enough skills. Thankfully, however, with the advancement in technology, smart locks have come for our rescue. These locks offer us …

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